Automatic Fire detection and alarm system is primarily a life safety system meant for detecting the fire at the early stages and alarm the occupants. The fire detection system are also used for automatic activation of fire extinguishing systems such as spray systems, water mist systems and gas suppression systems. The control relay modules in the advanced addressable detection systems enable the integration and operation of ancillary services such as electrical systems, fire dampers, access control systems, video surveillance, emergency lighting systems, emergency communication systems etc. to activate/deactivate in case of emergencies.

Types of Detectors

  • Spot type detector

    • Photo electric smoke detector

    • Ionisation type smoke detector

    • Heat detectors

      • Fixed temperature type

      • Rate of Rise type

    • Multi sensor detectors

  • Projected Beam type detector

    • Infra Red Detectors

    • UV/IR type detectors

  • Flame type detector

    • UV flame detector

    • IR flame detector

  • Spark/Ember detector

  • Air Sampling type detector

  • Linear Heat sensing Cable

  • Video Image Fire Detector

The efficiency of a fire detection and alarm system depends on various factors such as selection of suitable type of detector, spacing between detectors, mounting locations, rate of air flow, room temperature, humidity level, presence of dust particles, type of ceiling etc.

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