Objectives of Pre-Occupancy Audit are :

  • To carry out a critical assessment of health and safety issues for the proposed office buildings prior to occupancy
  • To provide technical inputs on integrating safety at design stage for the proposed project.

Scope of Pre-Occupancy Audit is :

  • Review the life safety aspects (number of exits, design of emergency exits, escape paths etc. with reference to the occupancy load) of the proposed building

  • Review the design of the fire protection system for the building – Fire Hydrant system and Sprinkler system

  • Suggestion on the fire extinguishers (numbers and type) to be installed at the proposed building

  • Review the passive fire protection measures proposed to be adopted

  • Review the design of fire alarm system proposed to be installed

  • Study the proposed safety protection system in the electrical circuits

  • Review the proposed interior design from fire, electrical and life safety perspective

  • Review the proposed security control system and offer additional risk control measures, if required.

  • Assess the risks arising from neighboring assets and suggest adequate risk control measures, where required.

  • Review the design of the CCTV System from safety perspective.

  • Location of fire exits –farthest distance for an employee to reach the fire exit (as per regulation)

Standards / Rules to be adopted :

  • National Building Code of India, 2005

  • NFPA 101 – Life Safety Code

  • Tariff Advisory Committee/ BIS Standards for Fire Protection (IS 2190, 2189, 13039, 15105, 15301, 12469, etc.)

  • Indian Electricity Rules 1956 / CEA Safety Regulations, 2010

  • IS 1644 (1988): Fire Safety of Buildings for (General): Exit Requirements and Personal Hazard

  • IS 12349 (1988): Fire Protection – Safety Signs

  • NFPA 70 E & B

  • National Electric Code

  • Other applicable safety standards (national & international) on Fire & Electrical Safety

  • Good management practices

Methodology adopted in carrying out the Safety Audit :

  • Pre-Audit Data Request

  • Opening Meeting to explain the objective, scope & methodology of the study

  • Site Walkthrough

  • Site Study

  • Discussions with Site Personnel

  • Study of Records

  • Presentation of Salient Findings at site.

  • Submission of Report

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