The PSSR provides a final checkpoint for new and modified equipments/facilities to confirm that all appropriate HSE elements have been addressed satisfactorily and the facility is safe to start up.

Objectives of Pre Start up Safety Review (PSSR) are to ensure the following:

  • New or modified facilities and equipment are built and installed in accordance with design requirements

  • All operating procedures (developed) and related process operator training are adequate and completed prior to the introduction of hazardous materials into the process

  • Safety reviews are conducted

  • All recommendations from Process Hazard Analysis (PHA) are implemented prior to start-up

Scope of Pre Start up Safety Review (PSSR) is:

This review includes identifying, documenting and managing all start ups from all type of shutdown during a process ensuring that all the HSE elements have been analysed and any new or modified system is ready to start ensuring a safe environment. There can be three management practices for performing pre-start up safety reviews of,

  • New processes

  • Processes that have been shut down for modification.

  • Processes that have been administratively shut down for other reasons.

This review addresses HSE issues related to mechanical, instrumentation, electrical, Fire and safety, civil and general items.

Team Composition
  • A qualified Team is assembled to conduct each PSSR. This team at a minimum includes individuals with operations, design, process engineering & maintenance and process Safety expertise. The Team conducts physical examination of the plant, process or equipment that is new or modified, or has been shut down for Safety Reasons. This physical examination is necessary to verify that the plant or process was built according to design and that all necessary safety features are included and functioning.

  • This examination includes interviews with key personnel and reviews of documentation such as specifications and drawings to verify that the design criteria are met.

  • PSSR is usually carried out with the help of checklists for mechanical, instrumentation, electrical, Fire and safety, civil and general items.

PSSR Documentation and Recommendations

  • The PSSR is documented, signed by each member of the review team, and authorized by the site leadership. A system is established and controlled by the site leadership to help ensure that review recommendations are resolved, including documentation.

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