Any new project or modification or expansion of industries like Refinery, fertilizer, petrochemical, chemical, pharmaceutical or any industry handling hazardous products etc. involves the review of  safety aspects involved in various stages of project viz. preparation of drawings, drawing up  specifications, purchase of materials , erection , commissioning of project etc. Though it is safety aspects are considered by the in-house team or by the turn key suppliers / project consultants, it is always preferred to get it reviewed by the external consultants who are not involved in the erection or commissioning of the projects.

The overall objective of the PHSER process is to assure the Company that HSE-sensitive areas have been identified in a systematic way and that the major projects, engineering and operational systems have been or will be developed to control/ manage the identified risks. The assurance is provided by reviewing proposals at various key stages in their development.

PHSER is a qualitative audit of the project’s HSE plans and actions. PHSER shall be conducted at all project stages in accordance with procedures evolved by petroleum giants like British Petroleum, Kuwait Oil Corporation, KNPC etc

Role of Circles Safety:

Circles Safety has a team of experts from the various disciplines of process, maintenance and safety with project experience. The team will develop a detailed, structured and custom-made document to ensure the safety at various stages of the project like Appraise Stage, Select Stage, Pre-sanction Stage, Pre-construction Stage, Construction Stage, Pre-startup Stage (commissioning, prior to introduction of hazardous materials), Operate Stage etc. These can be used by the project & control team. The document will contain the necessary information to achieve the purpose of PHSER. This will be prepared as per the guidelines of BP such as ETP GP48-1, & Procedure for Project HSE Review developed by KOC. The document will be user-friendly and effective to implement.


  • Competent PHSER Chairman (external consultant)

  • A Secretary who would prepare the report

  • Operations representative (when required)

  • Technical Safety Specialist (when required)

  • Process Engineer (when required)

  • Control / Electrical / Instrumentation Engineer (when required)

  • HSE Engineer (when required)


  • It gives an understanding of the methodologies employed and acts as basis for participation with the company

  • Is a structured approach to examining the HSE risks? It is composed of a number of elements, which are tailored to suit the needs of the organization and/or project

  • An audit of project procedures and their implementation to ensure compliance with HSE standards and legislations

  • Provides assurance to stakeholders that sensitive areas of HSE risk have been identified and appropriate procedures have been developed to manage these risks.

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