Accident investigations determine how and why the accident occurred.Accident investigation should be done to avoid similar future incidents. Emphasis of investigation is concentrated on finding the root cause of the accident.

Root cause analysis is adopted to determine the cause of accident.

A detailed analysis of an accident will normally reveal three cause levels: basic, indirect, and direct. Most accidents are preventable by eliminating one or more causes.

Objective of Accident investigation are:

  • Recognize the need of an investigation

  • Investigate the scene of the accident

  • Interview victims & witnesses

  • Distinguish fact from fiction

  • Determine root causes

  • Compile data and prepare reports

  • Make recommendations

Outcome of Accident investigation:

  • Final Report of Accident investigation detailing the loss situation

  • Background of the loss in accident

  • Listing of the possible causative factors

  • Inference on the most probable reason of loss

  • Guidelines on Loss minimization measures

Tools used:

  • Fault Tree analysis

  • Event Tree analysis

  • 5M method and etc

Tools as per client requirement can be adopted:

  • Circles Safety Services has carried out numerous such accident investigations for varied industries such as power plants, engineering industries, chemical plants, warehouses etc

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