Scope of the survey is to

  • Evaluate the safety culture of the employees with reference to occupational health and safety issues
  • Assess employee involvement level in the existing safety program and
  • Assess the employee perception regarding the existing safety management

Following key elements are addressed to evaluate the safety culture of employees:

  • Safety Leadership : Management Commitment

  • Safety Management :

    • Safety Concerns

    • Employee Training

    • Emergency Management

    • Safety Communication

  • Safety Culture

    • Attitude Towards Safety

    • Employee Participation



Survey will be conducted in two ways

  • Personal Interviews for Top management/ Middle management

  • Audience Response system for Category 3 and Category 4 in batches

    • Questions will be displayed in the form of presentation

    • Voting for each option using the device

Key Features:

  • Customized questionnaire for survey will be developed based client’s safety management system.

  • Engineers with Safety background will be carrying out the survey

  • Survey will be done in local language.

  • Developing customized software for data analysis.

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