Scope of the comprehensive safety audit is to

  • Carry out a systematic, critical appraisal of all potential hazards involving personnel, plant, services and operation method.

  • Ensure that Occupational Safety and Health system fully satisfy the legal requirements and those of the company’s written safety policies, objectives and progress.


Methodology adopted in carrying out the Safety Audit:

  • Pre-Audit Data Request

  • Opening Meeting to explain the objective, scope & methodology of the study

  • Plant Walkthrough

  • Site Study

  • Discussions

  • with Plant Personnel

  • Study of Records

  • Presentation of Salient Findings at site.

  • Submission of Report

Safety Audits are carried out in reference to the relevant statutory regulations, applicable codes/ standards/ guidelines and good engineering practices. Elements addressed as a part of the safety audit are:

Safety Management System

Safety in Operations & Maintanence

Elecrical Installations


  • Safety & Healthy Policy

  • Accident Reporting & Investigation

  • Occupational Health Monitoring

  • Statutory Compliance

  • Employee Safety Training

  • First-Aid Centre

  • Safety Communication & Motivation


  • Review of SCP

  • Changes control Procedures

  • Design Deviations

  • Work Permit System

  • Review of Maintenence Practices of Critical Equipment

  • Work Injury Prevention – Manual & Mechanical Material Handling / Guarding, etc


  • Identification of Electrical hazards(shock,fire,overloading)

  • Review of Hazardous Area classification

  • Review of earthing and bonding practices;statis electricity

  • Review of electrical maintenance system and practices;LOTO

  • Review of Lightning protection system


















Fire prevention & Protection

Hazardous Materials / Chemicals

Emergency Management


  • Identification of fire hazards

  • Review of fire prevention practices

  • Review of Fire Protection systm – Active & Passive Systems

  • Adequacy of fire protection system – Design and Performance Review against Standards


  • Study of loading, Unloading and Handling operations of hazardous materials and chemicals in the plant,including storage and processing areas.

  • Review of safety features



  • Review of emergency management plan

  • Effectiveness of existing infrastructure to handle emergencies

  • Mock drills

  • Mutual Aid










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