Environmental Regulatory Assurance Services

Government bodies worldwide are increasingly enforcing various laws and rules to protect the environment. This legal “green shift” across the globe has posed tremendous pressure on various corporates to ensure their commitment to abide to requirements stipulated by the law.      

Sailing through complex state and/or central legislations for environmental compliance can be an arduous task. But, non-compliance to regulatory requirements can be much more costly to the business front than an up front investment at conceptual or operational phase. Lately, corporates are inclined towards adopting environmental risk management tools as a critical and vital component for evaluating business risk and continuity.

Regulatory update services:

Circles Safety Services being a part of an international environmental service conglomerate, Inogen USA (inogenet.com), which offers environmental regulations mapping services (Denxpert) in association with Denkstatt, Hungary. Denxpert e-tool is well tested for regulatory mapping and implementation support to several large industries and corporate in Europe and other parts of the world. Denxpert e-tool not only offers regular updates on the environmental regulations, standards and guidelines issued by various competent central and state government authorities, but also support industries in implementing the changes/amendments in the environmental regulations from time to time. The subscribed clients can avail additional services such as insight on the proposed draft standards and newly promulgated standards and their impact on the business along with methodology for implementing such changes in the designated sectors. For more details on Regulatory update service, please

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Environmental regulatory audits :

Circles Safety Services handhold our clients  in developing integrated programs that amalgamate applicable regulations with facility standards, operating procedure into single encyclopedic compliance system. Our audit program focuses on the operations against established procedures, industry standards, legal requirements etc. Our competent environmental specialists have wider experiences in evaluating the industry’s environmental permits and compliances, conducting gap analysis pertaining to all applicable environmental regulations, standards and guidelines. Our environmental specialists’ cognizance in sector specific business processes and associated environmental aspects and regulations will aid in identifying high, medium and low materiality aspects that can have short term, midterm and long-term impacts on the business. We adopt specific regulatory risk evaluation tools to estimate residual risks caused due to gaps in implementing environmental management plans. For more details on Environmental audit service,.

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Environmental impact assessment studies as per GOI Regulations:

Circles Safety Services team has over two decades of experience in undertaking environmental impact assessment (EIA) studies for various sectors -thermal power plants, synthetic organic industries, petroleum refineries, pulp and paper industry, ports and harbours. Our in-house EIA coordinator and functional area experts have addressed more than 50 EIA studies under EIA Notification, 2006 and Coastal Regulation Zone Notification, 2011. Our comprehensive knowledge in the industrial processes, technologies and associated pollution control, best management technologies and complex environmental modeling programs for impact predictions due to emissions and discharges from the industries, have enabled us to address technologically feasible and economically reasonable environmental management programs. Our strong marine environmental impact assessment has addressed complex EIA studies for multiple port projects, sea water desalination projects, marine and coastal biodiversity conservation and management plans. With inclusive apprehension of economic, social and cultural across the geographies of India, our team is proficient to draw realistic and effective need based Corporate Environmental Responsibility (CER) programs as per MoEF&CC guidelines. For more details on Environmental audit service.

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Environmental compliance assurance and implementation support:

To keep with the dynamically evolving regulatory mandates, we have developed our unique approach to assist our clients in environmental regulatory compliance in their operational stage. Our environmental compliance assurance services include the following: objective specific gap analysis report, review of environmental monitoring program and assisting in implementing robust environmental monitoring, data analysis and report programs, air pollution control systems performance assessment studies and developing pollution control system upgrade technical feasibility studies, odor management studies, pollution prevention studies and waste minimization audits, treatability studies and design of wastewater treatment facilities and gap analysis of wastewater treatment and zero liquid discharge facilities.

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Partners in implementing Environmental Management Systems (ISO 14001:2015):

The extensive knowledge and wider experience in risk mapping and mitigation solutions for more than a decade across various sectorial industries, Circles Safety Servicesteam has accomplished the skill of developing realistic and more prudent risk based environmental management programs that can minimize the business continuity risks due to residual and hidden environmental risks. Having gained operational knowledge across wider industrial sectors, our enterprising team would map the business and site specific regulations, obligations, environmental aspects, and their impacts on the business

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