Critically evaluating each forklift from safety and operations perspective so as to achieve the following objectives:

  • Forklift Maintenance for reducing down time and maintaining the forklift in condition
  • Ensuring functionality of Active safety devices
  • Improve the overall safety performance of material handling activities

The forklift shall be assessed in detail, covering the following key parameters:

  • External checks (Lights, Tyre condition, Mirrors, Mountings, Leakage, Seat belts)
  • Engine (Fuel, Engine oil, Hydraulics, Cooling system and mountings)
  • Electrical system / Battery
  • Brake system/ Hydraulic system (Brake fluid, pedal linkage, hand brake, hydraulic oil level)
  • Internal Checks (Gauges, Indicators, buzzer, horn, levers)
  • Condition of lifting components such as Fork, Mast, Roller chains, Carriage, Lift cylinder, etc.

Highlights of the study:

  • Comprehensive forklift audit checklist built in a tablet based application for doing the study
  • Forklift Safety Score for ranking and comparing the condition of forklift trucks.

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