Develop a traffic management plan and traffic layout design inside the warehouse complex so as to ensure safe movement of vehicles, material handling equipments and people.

The study covers the following key elements:

  • Study the existing practices followed for truck & other vehicle movement and parking inside the warehouse premises.
  • Identify the hazards and suggest suitable traffic flow arrangement to ensure safe movement and parking of trucks / other vehicles.
  • Determine how many trucks can be safely parked in the premises at any given point based on the national / international standards on Road Safety.
  • Review of Warehouse Gate Design and adequacy of width & turning radius
  • Review of internal road design, adequacy of width & turning radius
  • Review of Pedestrian movement pathways inside the warehouse premises
  • Study of interfaces between Man & Machine and Material Handling Equipment & Trucks
  • Preparation of revised Traffic Layout (CAD) ensuring complete Man-Machine segregation and identifying the vehicle movement area, loading / unloading area, parking area, forklift movement area, people movement area and storage areas.

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