• Identify the risks associated with the key operations of the Warehouse

  • Identify all those hazards which may impede the safe working of employees

  • Understand the current risk control measures

  • Identify gaps in current control measures with respect to national / international standards

  • Suggest suitable risk control / mitigation measures for improvement


  • Building Safety

  • Storage & Material Handling Practices

  • Fire Prevention & Protection

  • Emergency Preparedness

  • Electrical Installations

  • Security System


Highlights of the study:

  • Risk Ranking tool that is designed for studying the Risk Ranking of the warehouse based on International Practices.

  • Warehouse Safety Score for ranking and comparing the safety performance of multi-location warehouses.

  • Handholding and Follow-up audits based on client requirement so as to implement the audit recommendations and making the warehouse a safe workplace.

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