Electrical Hazardous Operability review

eHAZOP is the application of a series of technical examinations and audits to assess hazard potential to personnel and plan of mistaken operation of a system or malfunction of individual components and consequential effects including operator error.

Objectives of a eHAZOP Study are summarised as to

  • Assess and minimise types of potential hazard presented to personnel in the vicinity of electrical installations.

  • Provide a critical review of both network design and plant to be installed and assess any limitations and their effects on both operability and security of the overall system.

  • Analyse tasks set for operators assess facilities and instructions provided to undertake these tasks and recommend measures to avoid operator error.

eHAZOP is made up of three modules

  • SAFAN – Safety Analysis
    – Critical analysis of high voltage installation hazards to safeguard equipment and personnel.

  • SYSOP – System security and operability
    – Systematic review of engineering design to identify possible limitations and lack of flexibility with their consequences to operability and overall security of the system.

  • OPTAN – Operator task analysis
    – Identifying facilities and skill levels required to carry out the operation in a safe manner during normal and abnormal conditions.

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