Natural resource accounting and audit

Natural Resources define the environmental and economical wealth of a nation, and they form the foundation block for various industrial developments across the globe.  Exploiting resources in the name of economic growth has caused depletion at a steady rate causing stress on the reserves. A prolonged prevalence of such order would deplete the natural resources at a faster rate and managing them sustainably is the immediate mandate. Natural Resource Accounting and Audit (NRAA) would evaluate the wealth of the natural resources such as soil, water, forest, and biological diversity in terms of quantity, quality and monetary value for effecting macroplanning of the natural environment. Following are the services that are offered by Circles Safety Services.

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Soil conservation

A functioning ecosystem subsists on a healthy and living soil with a balanced nutrient composition and moisture content. Imbalance in their composition leads to loss in soil fertility and productivity. Healthy soil influences a broad spectrum of microecosystems – ecological, agricultural, environmental and social concerns; sustaining them as such is the ultimatum of existence. Compromising their property through developmental projects exacerbates the health and balance of the ecosystem we live in. However, they can be rehabilitated, restored and conserved through appropriate analysis, assessments, and remediation measures. If you’re looking for a solution to resuscitate your infertile unproductive soil, Circles Safety Services Limited has the answers to it.Our experienced soil and water conservationists and soil ecologists are equipped to get your soil turned over to turn-over your business.


Carbon Management Services

The global phenomenon that is of prime concern is Global Warming and Climate Change and the steering factor that underline them is the rise in GHGs in the atmosphere. Reducing their atmospheric prevalence lead to deterred global warming, which requires holistic approach on reducing the GHGs from their sources – industries, organization, product etc. It starts with enumerating the GHGs released into the atmosphere. Circles Safety Services Limited could assist organizations, industries, and other institutions to apprehend their carbon emission through their Carbon Management Services – Carbon Footprint Assessment, Carbon Neutral Studies, and Climate Change Adaptation Studies.

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A sustainable business with low carbon footprint draws investors and other stakeholders engendering improved economic growth. investors and buyers, today, urge to become environmentally responsible citizens gauging on green economy and low carbon footprint. The carbon footprint assessment has become a mandate for any organization or industry to have their significant share in the global market. CMSRSL through their service offering can help achieve gain shares by guiding institutions in their carbon footprint through wise decision making to further their businesses. (has to be developed)


Biodiversity management studies

The conservation and management of the biological diversity, which are seen as our natural heritage, lies within our responsibility. Biodiversity underlies all the ecosystem processes and forms a vital function to maintain ecological balance. Assessing the biological diversity for their status and trends holds valuable for sustainable development at the local and national levels. The flora and fauna have intrinsic worth to an ecosystem and their assessment through identification and mapping. Establishing species distribution of an ecosystem and habitat is crucial for planning and execution of developmental projects.

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Circles Safety Services Limited through its ecologists and biodiversity specialists with decades of experience in habitat and biodiversity assessment, inter alia, mangroves, reserve forests, wetlands, ecological hotspots, ecologically sensitive areas, and other coastal and terrestrial ecosystems are skilled in enumeration of species diversity. We offer this service as part of environmental impact assessment, environment and social impact assessment and as well as special studies as exclusive biodiversity conservation and management studies, mapping of biodiversity hotspots, biodiversity resource development and enhancement studies in the areas of coastal fisheries to facilitate sustainable resource management and decision making. . (Remediation brochure available)


Sustainability assurance and bench-marking services

The rise in environmental, social crisis coupled with progressive global commitments has lead to sustainability in the mainstream. With the current global trends companies are seeking a tool to assess their sustainability performance. For stakeholders analyzing which tools or methods to use, the scenery can seem baffling and demanding to navigate. Sustainability benchmarking can have material implications for various aspect of a business including trade, investment flows, brand and reputation building. Assessing sustainability benchmarks also allows for continual improvement of an organization’s sustainability performance. Our reply to this challenge has been the development of sustainability assurance and bench marking services. Our experts identify, evaluate and compare your performance to the international standards. Our aim at Circles Safety is to provide full support in increasing the uniformity and strengthening sustainability benchmarking.

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