Water management studies – source vulnerability, water footprint, water audit & water conservation, wastewater recycling, ground water studies, watershed development, flood risk and storm water management studies

The need for water management is more pressing as reserves are running limited and are subjected to high demographic pressure. Circles Safety Services helps industries to assess and address this issue with its wide range of water management services thereby ensuring sustainable operations and business continuity. With 25 years of experience and being a member of Inogen, Circles Safety amasses vast experience and delivers the best practices in water and waste water management. Our water management services include water security and vulnerability analysis, water audits, water use efficiency consulting, water stewardship advisory and many more. For more details on Water and Wastewater consulting services(brochure) and ETP and ZLD Design(brochure) please download our brochure.

Source Water Vulnerability – Source water vulnerability advisory services offered by Circles Safety aims at performing a SWOT analysis on the water resources so as to develop a strategic water resources management program. Circles Safety SVA service has been proved to be highly useful for industries with water intensive operations and those present in drought regions.

Water audit, water conservation & Wastewater recyclingOur objective, at Circles Safety is to facilitate the industriesin their endeavour to achieve water efficiency through comprehensive water audits across different sectors. Water audit is a tool to identify the areas of higher specific water use, quantification of  wastewater pollutant load and also helps to determine techniques for mitigation through the application of 3R (Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle) principle. We at Circles Safety have helped the industry in deciding feasible options on reducing water usage, minimizing wastewater generation, and maximizing recovery. Our water conservation measure also ensures compliance to legal obligations. (water footprint, water pinch studies, water recycling programs, cooling water management – all are services under water conservation)

Ground water studies The ground water services offered by Circles Safety helps you to devise a water management plan that foresees the contamination risks and understands your future requirements. Our hydro geological team is specialized in providing quality solutionsfor wisegroundwater and water use and management customized to meet our clients’ needs. Our mission is to assist clients manage their water related issues by providing genuine and pragmatic solutions that are cost effective and environmentally sound.

Watershed development, flood risk and storm water management studies-  The risk caused due to the ongoing climate change and urbanization has enabled unremitting attention towards flood risk and storm water management studies. The watershed development, flood risk and storm water management studies hold a key to urban climate resilience and mitigation. With a full understanding of watershed development, flood risk & storm water management our experts at Circles Safety, define and understand your needs and respond to the current threats and develop the best management practices for you.

Integrated solid waste management consulting services- Businesses around the world are increasingly trying to find solutions to effectively manage the ever-increasing tide of solid waste. Circles Safety services with extensive expertise in planning and implementing integrated waste management programs provides cost-effective services to protect the environment, and conserve natural resources. Using past projects as a guide, which is further strengthened through our connected global network of talented professionals- INOGEN, Circles Safety carefully analyzes current and future demands to customize a solid waste management program that fits each client’s unique requirements.

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