Environmental and social impact assessment studies

With the objective of nations becoming self-reliant and capable of leading their own development journey international donor agencies are aiding thorough monetary assistance for infrastructure development projects. The agencies strive to foster sustainable development through low impact on environment and improved human dignity across the globe. And, managing environmental and social risks in infrastructure development has taken a pivotal position while seeking support from donor agencies.  Circles Safety Services through its journey in supporting developmental project has extensive experience in identifying and managing risks through its Environment and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) service. The service that is underlined by the performance standards of the World Bank’s International Financial Corporation. Circles Safety Services has worked on project aided by World Bank, KfW, and Finvera across various sector catering to both private and public enterprises for international regional and local customers. We can help you succeed in gaining merits for your new developments through our ESIA studies while you seek financial aids from global financial institutions.

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Environmental and social due diligence audits

Assessing the environmental and social impact of any project has now become an essential in part in the global economy. The major aim of environmental and social due diligence audit is to evaluate for potential environmental and social risks associated with the business activity. It involves a methodical approach to identify, evaluate, and quantify the associated risks, which in turn would help to reduce risks that are identified. Our teams of environment and social experts have a very strong insight to identify and understand your needs and decide whether it is sustainable or not.


Environmental Due Diligence Phase 1 and Phase 2 Assessments

Environmental Due Diligence (EDD) is an internationally adopted practice performed to assess and understand soil and groundwater contamination to help navigate Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A). EDD Studies are generally conducted in two phases.  Circles Safety has developed a dynamic methodology to undertake Phase 1 Environmental Due Diligence in line with ASTM Standard E1527-13. Phase 1 of EDD is performed to identify all environmental risks associated with storage and handling of toxic materials and wastes by conducting an in depth assessment of site-use history, manufacturing process and performing a site inspection audit. Phase 2 of our environmental due diligence assessment is developed in line with ASTM Standard E1903-19 and includes evaluating, characterizing and quantifying the types and magnitude of environmental and financial risks by performing detailed environmental testing and analysis. Circles Safety Services has over 25 years of expertise in the Indian Subcontinent and is a key player in Inogen, an international environmental services conglomerate. Our EDD program has been formulated by combining our local EHS expertise with global knowledge and experience in effectively handling mergers and acquisitions. Our Imogen Associates have over 40 years of experience in Environmental Due Diligence and remediation business having executed over 40,000 Phase 1 and 2 assessments internationally.

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Soil and ground water remediation consulting services 

Environmental risks can influence the business continuity of industries. While Environmental concerns such as air emissions and water pollution are highly mandated and regulated in India, soil and groundwater contamination are gaining momentum quickly as well.  Circles Safety Services helps industries in screening risks associated with soil and groundwater quality, mapping and quantifying them along with adoption of suitable interventions, based on the provisions listed under the Environmental Protection Act 1986 and the guidelines on “Implementing the liabilities from environmental damage” issued by CPCB. Our soil and groundwater consultancy service focuses on identifying the source of contamination, assessing the environmental aspects to delineate the pollutant analytes, mapping the plume to understand the extent of contamination and performing techno-feasibility assessments of suitable remediation methodologies.

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Social accounting and need based CSR consulting

Performance of an organization is not only based on its financials but also its accountability against the social and environmental objectives. The influence of the organization’s decision on its internal and external social environment measures against their value and mission. Assessing and communicating those influences draws attention of valuable stakeholders and prospective investors benefiting its growth. The organization’s commitment to the societal needs and its wellbeing can be measured and prospected through accounting and need based survey which, in the longer haul, would guide through a positive progression.  Circles Safety Services, with its certified social auditors could aid your organization achieve its social accountability through its social accounting and need based CSR consulting services. So, know what the people around you need and measure your business and social advancement from time to time; Circles Safety Services, would guide you through your journey.

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